ATR 112 - Intro to Automation

3 credits

Recommended Corequisites: MAT 171

This course introduces the basic principles of automated systems and describes the tasks that technicians perform on the job. Topics include the history, development, and current applications of robots and automated systems including their configuration, operation, components, and controls. Upon completion, students should be able to understand the basic concepts of automation and robotic systems. A course fee is required.

ATR 211 - Robot Programming

3 credits

This course provides the operational characteristics of robots and programming in their respective languages. Topics include robot programming, teach pendants, PLC integration, operator interfaces, the interaction of external sensors, machine vision, network systems, and other related devices. Upon completion, students should be able to program and demonstrate the operation of various robots. A course fee is required.

ATR 219 - Automation Troubleshooting

2 credits

Prerequisite: ELC-131

This course introduces the troubleshooting procedures used in automated systems. Topics include logical fault isolation, diagnostic software usage, component replacement techniques, and calibration; safety of equipment; and protection of equipment while troubleshooting. Upon completion, students should be able to analyze and troubleshoot an automated system. A course fee is required.